Saturday, May 27, 2017

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 1, Introduction)

So I've been tinkering around with this idea for some time now. Execution was the only obstacle. The fact that this blog is primarily concentrated on creativity along with lots of photography based tutorials, I felt starting an entirely new blog would've been the proper route for this new material. Then it hit home. Going through the nearing 300 posts herein, many of them break the photo/creativity "rule". Knowing the inner workings of my uniquely tangled gray matter, attempting to formally dichotomize the two will ultimately fail in a beautiful way.

Having said that, with proper tagging, you will easily be able to group these new works of art in and of themselves for your enlightenment. 

Here we go. . .


Not familiar with the terminology? 

It's new. It would make our ancestors turn over in their graves. It's in vogue. Well, in most of civilized  society anyhow. 

It's me. It might be you. 

Criteria to be met to join the club? Full time, stay at home dad and full time entrepreneur. Duh. Kind of obvious right? 

BTW, if you've got yourself a 40 year old son or daughter still sucking away at the teat and living in the basement, then I apologize, you cannot be part of the club. I'm sure there's another one dedicated to your calamity.  

My CV? Wife and I have a 2 year old daughter, Harper (aka H™) (about 16 months in the photos). Stefanie, the wife, is the Director of Strategic Marketing for Temple Health. Myself, besides being a  Swiffer tactician and supermarket methodologist, also hold positions of full time photographer (stills and motion directing) and writer/blogger. 

Great. Now that we've got that covered, lest us focus on the subtopics that will arise each post. 


If you don't know, I do formal like a hooker does Sunday mass. With that in mind, while the goal with the DADAPRENEUR posts aren't aimed entirely at the trials and tribulations of this creative who changes lots of poopy diapers, there just cannot be any guarantees. If it plays with the post then so be it. If you're looking for articles more focused on f-stops and The Inverse Square Law they are plentiful and they're still coming . . . no worries my fellow nerd. 

This is not a revolution of the blog but a necessary evolution. 

Here's the deal. 

Since holding the DADAPRENEUR title; shooting and food shopping, editing and cleaning toilets, pitching potential clients and pitching pee pee diapers, the world has begun to reveal itself to me in new and exciting and sometimes very frustrating manners.

I'm here to report these findings.


What value is all of this going to bring to you? Sure with my other adventures you find yourself ultimately learning how to become a better creative by the post's resolution but why on earth would you want to spend your precious time listening to my editorial on life as perceived by yours truly? 

First is the simple, selfless helping you open your eyes just a bit more to certain happenings, or not happenings for that matter, around you. 

Second. Hey, maybe it's my heavy left braininess but along with that heavy creative drive, often are the urges to incorporate the left sided analytics to make decisions on how to handle or even change events for  better or worse. Who knows. Embrace failure right? 

Wait. WTF did I just ramble off to you? 

You ever watch Seinfeld? He's a master at making us laugh by pointing out the obvious. Let's start there. Maybe there are just such obvious things going on in your daily life that you've thought to question but since nobody else opened their mouths, you became apprehensive. Well I'm here to try to change those thought processes. I want to point shit out that may so fucking obvious, good or bad, that you put on that back burner. Oh no. Not anymore. You and I are gonna put that shit front and center. And the best part, maybe you'll have an even better way to handle said observation, opinion, objection or obsession. Then you'd be help me and everyone else. 

You see? Everyone wins. We all help each other become better humans simply by the fact that I spend more time than every paying attention to the goings on around me. Maybe it's my every searching for great images or maybe it was all the LSD I did when I was in college. Either way, eh, doesn't matter. We all will either reap the benefits or crash and burn. 

Worst case scenario? 

You get a big smile on your face by simply reading the ludicrous DADAPRENEUR rants at the end of your long work week. The value there is priceless if you ask me. 


Boy I hope this intro clearly explained the road that lies ahead herein the MICHAEL ANTHONY MURPHY :: BLOG. 

It'll be easy. if you see DADAPRENEUR in the post title and tags then you can bet the farm that it falls into the DADAPRENEUR category. If not, then you can be assured it is more focused on creativity, photography, filmmaking, gear, technique, lighting and such. Emphasis on the "and such" there because those posts can get pretty wild as already mentioned, these may too.  

Until next time . . .

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