Saturday, September 12, 2015

content is king :: a portfolio update

There comes a time in every man's life when . . . 

You really thought I was going to get deep like that on ya?! 

Don't get me wrong. I've been known to share my vast oceans of wisdom with you guys but today? The gray matter between my ears seems to need a heaping helping of Gas-X as said brain seems to be stuck on fart. 

Let's get to the meat and potatoes shall we?

Seems I hadn't added content to the website in, shit, Idk, six months or more. And I'm not talking about the pages you are currently reading. Nope. This is the blog. In admin terminology, this is the subdomain of the main domain that is not the blog which is The main domain is the home of the brand. Moreover, that home is where the portfolio lives. There is the body of work displayed in fashion that you feel as if you are experiencing the photos, live, in a gallery, able to almost reach out and touch, rather feel the creations with all of your senses. 

A bit much? 

Ok, that was my unsanctioned plug for Livebooks. Your welcome Livebooks. 

So the phrase goes, CONTENT IS KING. 

Word is bond y'all. 

I could't agree more. 

Of course it wouldn't make a ton of sense to update the site on a daily or weekly basis. That would ruin the pow, punch you in the pants, feeling. The ta-da. 

The blog is meant for continuing content, here it's a weekly thing. The portfolio, well, that's a biannual thing. 

I've spent the last week going through the archives, both recent and old, to find the perfect new additions for the MICHAEL ANTHONY MURPHY :: PHOTOGRAPHER home. 

I hope you enjoy the new works. 

Thank you all so very much. It's you, the world, that inspire me. 

Without further ado . . . 

Until next time.