Sunday, November 16, 2014

get busy living or get busy dying

I've been sitting in my dark, unlit studio now for about an hour. Motionless.

Coffee sits atop my desk. Half of a bowl of Parsnip Parmesan from The Soup Kitchen Cafe is cooling and crusting around the ceramic.

To my right is the Lasko box fan blowing not for physical but rather mental comfort. To the left is my new iPhone 6 Plus, breathing the Relaxation notes from The Sound Machine app.

I sip the room temperature coffee, not wanting to heat it as my focus or lack thereof could be lost entirely.

Is He High? You Ask Yourself.

Only on life my friends. These experiences are coming to you live, as they are happening.


Let me share a quote that I think all creatives entrepreneurs should memorize right now ::

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily."

-Zig Ziglar

That's what you'll find here on this blog : Lot's of adventurous image creating tutorials and from time to time, a creative kick in the ass. 

Today, will be the latter. 

Bend Over, Here It Comes!

Listen good people, you see how this day of blogging began? I wasn't meditating before writing. I was sitting at my desk, fucking clueless as what I wanted to share with you today. Distractions such as Facebook or Twitter were only keystrokes away. 

I then recalled another quote that, if you are still reading, should commit to your gray matter ::

"Inspiration is for amateurs; The rest of us just show up and get to work."

-Chuck Close

Catch my drift?

I could have sat on my ass, mindlessly staring at my monitor and guess what? I wouldn't have gotten a fucking word written here today. 

Instead, I began to type. By doing so, I actually dug deep into my heart to share intimately with you what was happening at that very moment. Quickly, I observed my surroundings and found ways to describe them to you using various and colorful word arrangements.  

Sitting on my ass any longer would have only dumped my creative brain into a much deeper funk.

Yes, The Funk

That's what this is all about. 

Creatives, entrepreneurs or anyone that needs to innovate whether it is to pay the bills or feed the hungry soul, we all find ourselves, from time to time, lost, sinking and being sucked in my the thick, dark, sticky funk. The deeper your drawn in the harder it feels to get out. 

It's OK and it's not OK. 


I mean it's OK as it's normal. The best of the best fall into that black hole from time to time. The difference between the great ones and the could haves, would haves and should haves is how they handled the lack of creativity. 

Are you the person that is going to fight, buckle down and get to work when that vast and eerie sea of nothingness tears away at your mind or will you go in you mommy's basement and play Xbox? 

Seriously, do you think Frank Gehry sits on his couch eating potato chips and playing Madden? 

Maybe when Annie Leibovitz is in the creative darkness she goes shoe shopping. I DON'T THINK SO!

They get to work people!

You know the last time I played a video game? In the early 90s. No Joke. 

Last time I went to a shopping mall? So long ago that I can't remember. 

I can go further but I might start offending people to some degree. Hmm. Another quote? This one is from writer and good friend ::

"If everybody likes everything you do then you're doing something wrong."

-Edward Campbell

I'm not 100% sure Ed coined the quote but for this blog's sake, we will say he did. Either way it's the context of the quote that is important and a preface to a few other things I don't do and instead keep working on the one thing that satisfies my starving soul . . . CREATING. 

[Note :: You may recognize a few of these from the FUCK YOUR IDEAS! post]

  • I never ever ever played in any bullshit fantasy football league. Really?! How old are you?
  • Most of the programs I watch are either photography or filmmaking based. 
  • I gave up watching sports altogether as, for me, they are a suck on time better spent being productive. 
  • These days most of my peers are only those of similar creative and/or innovative interests.
  • Vacations, beaches, etc.? Good. Not to be inspired but to clear the brain and practice meditation.
  • Bars, clubs and other sanctuaries for negativity? I retired those about 7 years ago, around the same time I was first hired for my creative abilities. 
I can go on and on but I think you are intelligent readers, you get the hint. 

As for those who think I'm simply a younger version of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. No, quite the opposite. I love people and as for every rule, they are usually broken to some degree. 

Bars and all that crap? Ok, seriously, if I'm meeting a client or friend for lunch or dinner, sure I love to go out to the trendy spots. It's the hanging at a bar to hang at a bar that I retired. When the only goal is to get fucked up, I think there are better things that can be done with that time. 

Giving up the sports thing? Eh, just doesn't do it for me. To each his own. 

Video games and fantasy leagues!? Once again. HOW THE FUCK OLD ARE YOU PEOPLE!?

Jeez. My mind is blown when I hear about grown men playing games with their friend online in Hong Kong. 

I imagine Pringles stuck in the couch cushions and big bottles of Pepsi with red Solo cups knocked over on the crumb ridden coffee table. And all of this is going down while the 30 something dude is living in his mom's basement. 

My skin crawls in disgust.

Is hope just lost for that guy or gal? I don't know. Maybe their life is just great but if you are like me and have this ever growing inner fire for creating and innovating, then your ass should be working, not wasting. 

Creators and innovators, do me a favor, pick up your mobile device right now. You see Candy Crush? Delete that shit immediately, along with any other time sucking games. How productive can you be while trying to clear all the jelly? Seriously. 

Wow, I really got off on a rant here today. That's good. Remember where this post started? Almost was never born and now something from nothing. 

It began with experiences and that evolved into emotion and passion all within a couple of hours. 

It would have been so easy to click the Bookmarks tab and gotten lost in the world of other peoples' happenings via Facebook. 

But I didn't. 

I got to work, I always do.

Plain and simple.

Until next time...