Monday, May 28, 2012

nikon d4 - ten days in

[My new Nikon system arrived last Friday. I haven't spend a ton of time shooting it as I had to familiarize myself with Nikon's controls. For years I've been a Canon shooter and have grown very comfortable with their control systems. After a few days of reading the D4 instruction manual and some practice, I began to get really down and dirty with the new badass of the block DSLR. 

I contemplated writing a typical review of the awesomeness of this camera but thought that would not do it justice. Instead, to show just how insanely sick this gear is, I decided to share my thoughts in a very difficult literary way. The following is my Stream of Consciousness, a literary technique that can be quite intense but a bit crazy at the same time. Perfect for my homage to the Nikon D4]

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How do you wanna do this man  man man think D3 oops not D3 D4 the new I love it  it's so fucking amazing and I don't know how to begin this stream of consciousness thing did I spell that right  I think I did  that word always catches me off guard  what was that book that did a part of this  ca... should capitalize but not going to italicize Catcher In The Rye  assassins have been known to have had that book wow now I'll probably be on one of those watch lists even though I don't own a copy of Cather forgot the c Catcher in the Rye  neighbor just slammed door so freaking annoying  ok  I'm getting off track here do I need to type that I'm getting off track  I think that's the true way to do this  man this is harder than I thought I just want to discuss the new camera but my brain won't let me focus so clearly  I can't stop typing or I'd be cheating the whole purpose of what I'm trying to do  I'm tired  I think it should be colder in here but I can't get up to adjust the temperature  I just need to focus on the D4  Images from that thing are sick and I hope when I say sick that people understand what I mean  it's too late to change the word now  I was going to say a amazing but just watched a movie with George Clooney and I can't think of the other guy's name but he's a good actor and in the movie Ide's of March George Clooney or someone else hates hearing that they are "amazing" should I have typed the quotes  and I don't want to just simply say that the D4 files are amazing they are like Chase Jarvis says filthy I like that word going to have to bring that one to the east coast filthy those files rocked my world the first time I saw them I couldn't wait to get editing them in RAW and Photoshop  ISO levels I can't even explain how well that thing does at high ISOs man my other cameras couldn't touch this one with a stick or should I say from a mile is it a way or away I think away so I'll stick with that  as I began to I don't know a fucking thing about how to network or shoot it wirelessly yet that's just another can of worms that I need to explore I'm just getting used to working the normal functions now I have to shoot tethered and video I haven't played with yet but I can't wait cinemagraphs are cool and this one will give me the power to make one of those what is that commercial I'm hearing   oh yeah  I'm watching Deadliest Catch  I love that show my arms are so sunburned  I didn't catch a damn thing down the shore  wanted to bring the older camera and shoot that deliapideated how to spell delapidated still wrong what the fuck dilapidated yay no errors on my third try  not too bad since I can't stop typing and google the right spelling like I usually do with google and my thesaurus I use tons for the blog makes my writing so much better who would think that any blogger doesn't use that site  I forget the name of it though  what is the name of it  oh well doesn't matter and I need to think of that camera and how goddamn heavy it is with that twenty four to seventy two point eight jeez my arms really got tired shooting it the other day for Karol Escobar's location walk through  apparently I need to catch up on my movie lingo movie making lingo  thought I knew some stuff  I was told otherwise  ironic shooting at a cemetery considering this weekend  I'm digressing and need to think of that large LCD and how clear it is  I couldn't believe how clear I could see the previews in the bright sunlight  crazy like this post  That ISO man that files are so clean even though I like to have dirty in my images dirty clean not dirty dirty like nude dirty just dirty as like filthy and cool dirty  was used to the noisey what's wrong with that noisey noisy wow could have sworn that it was noisey not n o i s y  deep breath needed that my fingers are getting tired but I just need to pay attention to the camera  I should have had it sitting here to inspire myself my hands sweating I want to walk around but I can't  damn my neck hurts sunburn sucks and the aloe is in the bathroom  It's so friggin' hot out stream of consciousness never again boy this sucks did I really think boy this sucks or did I make myself think it  wonder how many will read this far  the D4  the new eighty five is it or eighty no it's eighty five one point eight that's bad ass I can't wait to  need to email Mikey Gamble that shoot coming crap on the sixteenth that's soon Burch I need to call back to shit totally forgot to call her wonder if my coffee is cold  I want to shoot the new baby with strobes haven't only had chance to shoot ambient but impressed no matter what  strobes are my forte can you add a tilde on these things  I don't care enough just want my left hand is getting tingly stupid carpel tunnel gets me every time from heavy old lifting typing too I'm sure  want to try and use the ethernet after this to try and network tether whatever it is with the D4 I have to explore experiment with that supposed to be pretty bad ass my what's for dinner I don't want to walk to the store it's too hot air conditioner has been running non stop that fucking electric bill is going to be damn hate people with bass bumping down the street didn't that go out of style in the nineteen how do you spell ninety ninety's  maybe two thousand's how do they sit and hear that crap it's horrible  never sounds clear either I know that I was in cars with big bucks spent on them and always sound shitty  Can I just friggin' focus on the article chest pain need my water need to see GI doc need where's my water I will suffer I need to focus on the D4 really not a period  I hope I'm doing this right  that just sits in my hand like it was made for my sausage fingers and giant hands real top notch like my dad says aces  I love using aces to describe it that camera is aces he's aces  awesome aces  the custom functions are deep need to read all about hat there are so many custom banks  wish it was here for me to be my muse Burch muse crazy  I see how it would help me write this stream of con crap consciousness got it yeah man  four thirteen now publish save save ten days in  try it it is so hard to write like this I know I sound nuts but I promise it is so hard be honest with me with yourself you just have to write non stop what is in your head my both wrists hurt it's hard to do Dana Cohen I'll read that later why is she texting me she's with Stefanie must be some bullshit I really just wrote that no holding back I hope she doesn't read this but she the one who told me about stream of consciousness  love that nikon always had my man crush on nikon  Mcnally come on Jarvis and some of my others all shoot nikon the underdog like apple I always say but the best of the best both of them apple and nikon I will never go back  was scared to take it down the shore  salt air scares me that nikon guy insane with D700 in the ocean and waves crashing  still worked but fuck that  I don't have the balls to bring such expensive stuff by the water that pier so awesome but Dicapac is that way I will go cheap it should allow me to do what I want with it  finally put the strap on my right hand killing me  black rapid's scare me  should I remove I can't too late not back whatever if the apostrophe isn't supposed to be there it will be now what did Dana want if it was important she would have called  just noticed I typed dinner it's four twenty pot smoking time for pot heads not me just always new about that time it's now four twenty I used to know what it meant for stoners but I forget  the D4 files I can't explain how good they are just need to see them need to update adobe software to even open the new RAW files barely even work them they are so clean the camera is so solid it freaks me out just holding it it is so solid smooth and I keep saying sexy on other spots but it is just sexy I wanted to name her with advice like the nikon guy by vote only got a vote or two with nikki in the lead but wasn't sure that was the name I wanted I like betsy my pinky is totally numb I have to wrap this up  is that a fuzz or  I love that D4 I just didn't have a thought for a a second thinking about not having a thought for a second how long is this  I should wrap it and I just said that yes I feel crazy and that felt like a bug but not a bug on my toe  I hate bugs my niagara coffee cup  all hallow's eve can't say it get out of your head the shoot yesterday was great but hot I was sweating like a pig but got some awesome shots with the D4 I think I'm done  It doesn't look too long but I can't concentrate on the D4 it's all I think about all day long and now I can't write anything without being distracted by distractions  It's super cool and I just want to get the apollo softbox up and see how cool they work together I'll never try this experiment again did I day that already I think I did four twenty eight and my fingers just keep typing and typing not a period just a long long sentence I guess my brain doesn't think in sentences but I think it does  I still need to find a few photos to post here from the Nikon D4  not sure which should I post Catcher in the Rye jeez  that weird so am I what's the difference hurts my wrist what photos to pick they are sick those files filthy will filthy catch on epic seems to be a word that is used a lot in the industry epic I like  been trying to use that one  filthy is one that only Jarvis uses should I put links today nah that would take away from that purpose or feeling  it will take away what did Dana want  I will check it in a few  need to finish this insane D4 with insane post it was my best way to give some love to that nasty haven't heard nasty in a while  filthy epic camera I'm done.