Monday, July 11, 2011

o-ring flash from gadget infinity - review teaser

I'm guessing that most of you have some adequate amounts of brain function to figure out that the image above probably has some significance to this post's title.

Ok, so you have put two and two together to deduce that the image above is a strobe being fired into the O-ring flash adapter from gadget infinity. Today I am not going to review the product. Relax, I will. Today, I just ask that you take a good look at the image, reverse engineer what you think is happening and share what you think you may be seeing here.

Next time I will give you the full monte. The O-Ring flash, full review. My opinion anyway.

[Note: if you were a betting person, you could bet that I had little time this weekend to write a full post and this was my cop out to getting some content on the site. Hey, shit happens.]