journey into the mind of a man on a mountain

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Seriously? You think I'd really drop the ball and call it quits? Not a chance in hell. You should know me better than that by now.

So what happened?

Join me in today's adventure . . .

how to prepare for a product / food photo shoot :: slate roof creamery

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The blog posts have been sporadic the last couple weeks. I know. No worries. We should be back on track. . .

a proverbial kick in the ass :: bend over and enjoy

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Dubiously awaiting the writing of this post, I felt that I can no longer internally channel these emotions . . .

askew review :: iPhone 6 plus :: soho :: nyc

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Not often do you see gear reviews on this blog. Before eating my own words I'll explain...

going beyond the headshot :: fashion shoot with actor/stuntman jeff orens

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Every so often a new king has to take the throne. Same holds true over at the main website Forthwith, the reigning patriarch had to move over for some new royal blood.

double header :: a rant on resolutions and a fashion selfie among selfies

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Resolutions are for pussies.

Every year, around November or December, people around the globe start to talk about how they are going to better themselves upon the magical stroke of midnight. As if at this hour the planets will align, the cosmos bursting with radiant energy and gravity becomes merely an idea . . . all for their miraculous new year that lies ahead.


IMHO, resolutions stink of beef and cheese (Elf reference). Ok, beef and cheese are probably two of my favorite aromas. Bad reference but I sure do love that movie.

Where were we?

Ahhh. The infamous New Year's Resolution. IMHO, they stink of laziness and procrastination.

Much better.

Join me today with a journey of inspiration, some unnecessary vulgarity and by popular request, me, as rumored, wearing my favorite new bow tie.

Happy 2015 people!

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the murph :: rock on

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I've recently been working on growing a section of the portfolio.

Currently, It may or may not be called, Dudes Drinking In The Studio.

Why? Why not?

On occasion, I have a friend or two over to the Fishtown digs and once the spirits begin to flow, the DiBruno's cheeses begin to disappear and the sounds of Jack White begin to vibrate the walls, I know it's time to document who passes through.

Recently, Poppa Murph made his way through the studio.


That's right. Poppa Murph. My father, Tom Murphy. Funny thing. Growing up I always thought his full name was Murph Murphy. What did I know? Everyone called him Murph so that must have been his full name.

anytown USA :: a narrative

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It took a lot of chutzpah to post this particular photograph especially since the recent slam on a much older post. Lemme explain...

more advice for the most illinest headshots . . . EVER

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Yes, I certainly did say ILLINEST. In today's digital world, your headshot is part of your resume. It still blows my mind when I see executives on LinkedIn posting selfies they shot in their bathroom mirror, in their pajamas. I SHIT YOU NOT.

special announcement :: baby stuff and a NERD FILE addendum

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Sitting at the MacBook Pro, fish sauce is dripping down my chin and pork skin falling to my lap from my Vietnamese leftovers. Sticky fingers bang away at these keys as I try to focus on the task at hand that is today's post.

thanksgiving leftovers :: part four :: the gorgeous gluttony continues

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I was about to pathetically begin this post with the horribly trite and cliche commentary about it being that time of year already.

Way to point out the obvious champ.

Not here. Not today. I'm sure I've committed that crime in the years prior.

the K - Jonex shoot :: pure instinct, innovation and improvisation

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Many a post, I've mentioned the fact that my photographs aren't typically born out of a miracle. I don't put lotion on my right index finger and gently massage it, so that it melds perfectly to my camera's shutter.

Today, I'd like to elaborate that although some of my photos may be pretty or cool, the road to their successes aren't quite as glamorous.

one-light environmental portraiture :: with transportation guru - david ellis

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You don't need a Swiss bank account and a truckload of Profoto packs to create awesome environmental portraits. 

Wait a minute. Something just doesn't feel right about this photograph. Sure, it follows all the rules of composition and exposure and queue the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher, Mrs. Donovan.