to generalize or specialize :: the photographer's quandary

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You've beaten the odds and earned your way into a life as an artist. You now introduce yourself as, "Hello, my name is, (fill in name), and I'm a photographer."

wedding photography :: WTF :: say it ain't so michael !!! OH, it be so.

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Wedding photography has always been sort of a rite of passage into the world of pro shooting. You cut your teeth out of school, capturing countless couples convey their covenants.

As many of you may or may not know, I've never really been the conforming type.

As shan't you.

rant :: stop being so average !!!

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It's been a while since I wrote a please-bend-over-so-that-I-may-kick-you-in-the-ass article. You know, the stuff that lights that fire under your buttocks. Motivation. Inspiration.

Today, we will discuss your being . . . . . average. 

5 year anniversary post!!! :: an some talks about this thing called knolling photography

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Well belated anyway. The official 5 year anniversary of this blog is, or was, July 15th. Seriously though, how many of you fuckers really read my posts the day they are published and launched?

So I'm 3 days late. Deal with it! How late are you arriving to this earth shattering article?

Without further ado. . .

newborn baby photography :: a photo shoot with H™ at valley forge

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First things first. I have decided to extend the date of the recent name that blog styled post from a few weeks ago.

On with the show...

#H™, properly known as, Harper Thomas Murphy, my daughter, alongside Princess Charlotte Elizabeth  Diana, was anticipated to be the most photographed baby . . . EVER. . .

surreal seascapes and the power of one point perspective

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That's right. I don't only shoot people, food and products.

Fine art photography. It lets me explore creativity out of my comfort zones. A wonderful way to light a big blazing inspirational fire under your ass.

Change, that is.

On this day, we (yes, you and I) take a reflective adventure to Ocean City, New Jersey. IMHO, much more rad than the Maryland version.

"You heathen Murphy! How dare this blasphemy from thy lips?!"

I'll stake my claim. No worries my friends.

Why I prefer OCNJ over OCMD?

The liquor laws.

OCNJ is a dry town. Meaning, no bars, no liquor stores, no beer distributors and the restaurants can't sell spirits.

Your thinking it sounds pretty lame, right? Wrong. The liquor laws of OCNJ keep the island squeaky clean. No riffraff. No jerk offs vomiting in the streets or douche bags starting fights for no good reason. Nope. OCNJ is a utopian bliss. IMHO anyway. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy an adult beverage here and there but I'm not into the hardcore party scene. And it's not because I'm a boring adult. I hated that scene even when I was living it.

I digress . . .


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While enjoying a local, organic, mint and agave tea, a bagel toasted well done with spinach, homemade cream cheese and Sriracha at Franny Lou's Porch, I cannot help but ponder, not only the content you're about to read but, interestingly enough, the title to this post.

fashion photography :: the exploitation of minimality

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You may have watched him along side Billy Zane in this year's (2015) Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard. Right? I mean if I'm not mistaken, the entire planet has been, at some point or another, obsessed with the whole zombie thing.

Not groupie of the undead?

No worries, you probably caught him in the network series, Do No Harm  or Sarah Megan Thomas' Backwards, a story about a young woman striving to become a member of the Olympic rowing team.

Ok, ok, so Backwards is more of a chick flick and there's mostly dudes hanging around here who probably haven't seen this film but guess what? You're in luck. Ellis Walding, today's photographic subject, not only has been on the big screen on many an occasion but he also has made his way HERE to the blog today and a handful of other days.

Let's get on with the show . . .

I'm NOT perfect

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Talk about a bold title; "I'm NOT perfect." "Way to reel in the readers Murph," may be your immediate neurological response. As would be mine. I mean, think about it. I'm the dope playing Russian Roulette with my social status; my clout if you will. . .

Harper Thomas Murphy (H™) is born! :: documentary photography :: viewer discretion is advised

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When friends or family show me their JC Penny-like newborn portraits; photographs of their new bundles of joy, I ofttimes fantasize about sucking the cold blue steel, the business end of a .45 Smith and Wesson. #JustSaying . . .