one-light environmental portraiture :: with transportation guru - david ellis

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You don't need a Swiss bank account and a truckload of Profoto packs to create awesome environmental portraits. 

Wait a minute. Something just doesn't feel right about this photograph. Sure, it follows all the rules of composition and exposure and queue the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher, Mrs. Donovan.

food photography (quickie) :: potato leek and bacon soup

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Today was supposed to be the self-portrait session but decided that this bowl of delicious potato, leek and bacon soup would be much more appetizing than my melon on your monitor.

Join me for today's quickie.

more headshot progressions :: with jason rinker L.Ac.

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to work with one awesome acupuncturist Jason Rinker L.Ac. True, he may be the first acupuncturist that I've met but that's what's so magnificent about being a photographer; befriending new and interesting people that otherwise, you may have never crossed paths with.

Today, the progressions with Jason. From enemy of the lens to a artisan of the headshot pose.

fuck your ideas!

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You died and your best friend is at the pulpit reading your eulogy. What would he say?

FDR skatepark :: south philly :: round three

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Like the deliciousness residing in the refrigerator calling for me in the late hours of the night, so does the mysteriousness, the furtiveness of the skatepark.

This would be my second year shooting at FDR Skatepark in South Philly. As in the past, I departed, wanting just one more taste.


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As titled, Unfiltered, today you may experience my lack of cohesion. Somewhat Focused but with my usual rants.

More, I want to discuss the use of filters and/or lack thereof. I bring you today's photo of Stefanie.