more advice for the most illinest headshots . . . EVER

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Yes, I certainly did say ILLINEST. In today's digital world, your headshot is part of your resume. It still blows my mind when I see executives on LinkedIn posting selfies they shot in their bathroom mirror, in their pajamas. I SHIT YOU NOT.

special announcement :: baby stuff and a NERD FILE addendum

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Sitting at the MacBook Pro, fish sauce is dripping down my chin and pork skin falling to my lap from my Vietnamese leftovers. Sticky fingers bang away at these keys as I try to focus on the task at hand that is today's post.

thanksgiving leftovers :: part four :: the gorgeous gluttony continues

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I was about to pathetically begin this post with the horribly trite and cliche commentary about it being that time of year already.

Way to point out the obvious champ.

Not here. Not today. I'm sure I've committed that crime in the years prior.

the K - Jonex shoot :: pure instinct, innovation and improvisation

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Many a post, I've mentioned the fact that my photographs aren't typically born out of a miracle. I don't put lotion on my right index finger and gently massage it, so that it melds perfectly to my camera's shutter.

Today, I'd like to elaborate that although some of my photos may be pretty or cool, the road to their successes aren't quite as glamorous.

one-light environmental portraiture :: with transportation guru - david ellis

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You don't need a Swiss bank account and a truckload of Profoto packs to create awesome environmental portraits. 

Wait a minute. Something just doesn't feel right about this photograph. Sure, it follows all the rules of composition and exposure and queue the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher, Mrs. Donovan.

food photography (quickie) :: potato leek and bacon soup

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Today was supposed to be the self-portrait session but decided that this bowl of delicious potato, leek and bacon soup would be much more appetizing than my melon on your monitor.

Join me for today's quickie.

more headshot progressions :: with jason rinker L.Ac.

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to work with one awesome acupuncturist Jason Rinker L.Ac. True, he may be the first acupuncturist that I've met but that's what's so magnificent about being a photographer; befriending new and interesting people that otherwise, you may have never crossed paths with.

Today, the progressions with Jason. From enemy of the lens to a artisan of the headshot pose.

fuck your ideas!

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You died and your best friend is at the pulpit reading your eulogy. What would he say?

FDR skatepark :: south philly :: round three

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Like the deliciousness residing in the refrigerator calling for me in the late hours of the night, so does the mysteriousness, the furtiveness of the skatepark.

This would be my second year shooting at FDR Skatepark in South Philly. As in the past, I departed, wanting just one more taste.


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As titled, Unfiltered, today you may experience my lack of cohesion. Somewhat Focused but with my usual rants.

More, I want to discuss the use of filters and/or lack thereof. I bring you today's photo of Stefanie.

gear matters :: ASKEW review of the Impact 10' x 24' dawn/deep sea blue reversible muslin

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When entered the world of photography, I quickly found photographers I marveled at and still extol such as Avedon, Leibovitz, Seliger, Jarvis and McNally, just to name a few (my list goes on and on).

Having said that, I also espied a myriad of photographs that gave photographers bad names across the globe.

I'm certain you know the photographs I speak of. Imagine: the 70s or 80s when most photographers wore pocket protectors, carried black combs for all the clients to keep, bad lighting, bad posing and worse, those abhorrent backdrops.

A forest?

Tie dyed from a bad acid trip?

Clouds maybe?


The muslin.

I vowed to never ever stoop to such a creative low. . .

. . . Until now.

sandy koppelman :: POV

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Last week, we had the awesome opportunity to get down and dirty with the awesome Sandy Koppelman. The progression of a professional headshot session; from arrival to departure, hola to adios. 

Today, I would like to share with you my friends, a POV (point of view). Sandy's story. 

headshots for women :: the progression

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I'm somewhat in a state of sheer disbelief when I find, in this day and age of communication, where your professional headshot, be it theatrical, corporate or personal, looks like it was taken by your 12 year old sister - in your mom's bathroom.

Today, is a recent shoot with the awesome Sandy Koppelman. The progression. This is how it's done my friends.