super selfies on steroids :: the how and why of self portrait sessions

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On the recent 6 year anniversary post, [here], after sharing a few, I suppose a good term would be, selfies on steroids, I thought that a nice iteration of selfie posts past would be uber appropriate.

People, the power of the selfie (on steroids) is synergistically exponential or exponentially synergistic. I'm not quite sure which distribution makes better sense. Either way. You hopefully catch my drift. No, not from last night's falafel. The power of the selfie is pretty legit.

Join with me today as I school you on the subject. Recess is over!

photo magic :: mixing water and electricity

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As promised, by the end of today's post you will also possess the sorcery to create similar photo trickery.

Leading up to the day of this shoot, I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out how on earth I would use one or more 9 volt batteries and a couple plain ole insulated wires   to light the CFL bulb.

You see, knowing that I was planning on dropping a lit bulb into a fish tank filled with water, I had the foresight (a rare occurrence) to plan a way to do this WITHOUT plugging into the wall outlets of the studio.

Admittedly, I'm no fan of the fiddling of electricity's natural intentions.

Yes, rooms full of high powered photo gear gets me all weak in the knees but I save the disassembling and repair of said gear, to those with formal electrical engineering backgrounds.

Without further ado...

6 year anniversary post :: progressing forward like a shark, or else . . .

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I promised to post the BTS from the previous post; light bulb in water. However, I so didn't realize this milestone was already upon us. For the stalkers and peepers, yes, the actual date is July 15th but let's consider a couple leap years or some other cosmic shit and we will call it square.

Let us dive into this year's, Holy Shit, 6th!!! Yes, 6th anniversary post.

deep thoughts :: brilliant (pun intended) ideas to help you succeed

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I've been going through many changes as of recently.

No, no, no. I still have a dick. Not that kind of change! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Call this an informal self audit that I'd like to share with you, my fellow creatives, specifically, filmmakers and photographers, to help you become a wiser and more wicked whip with a magic wand. Ok, That was a total stretch and reach for my often overuse of alliteration.

how to better your food photography game in 5 easy steps

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Of the many photography niches one may pursue, today, the best food photogs get as much street cred as staffer for Vogue.

Inversely proportionate are the gazillion social networkers that are sharing food porn on the Gram faster than mosquitos sharing Zika at the Rio Olympics. #justsaying

So you wanna step up your game and creatively capture culinary creations as a career, yeah?

Today, I'm dropping food bombs on your brains. . . .

the life of my :: observations of a dadpreneur

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Get it? "Life of My"? as in "Life of Pi? Yup. Bad jokes this early in.

Oh how the perceived life of a photographer and/or filmmaker can be so awry. . .

a camera repair short form narrative :: with PHOTOTECH of NYC

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...yep, only I would write a narrative about a repair shop :)...

When the glorious sound of the UPS truck rumbles it's brilliant, brown body down your block, your heart races while your epidermis covers itself with goosebumps.

Ah, yes, finally, after refreshing the tracking number page repeatedly, your new love has finally arrived!

Your brand new camera. Holy shit. You've adorned her lines each and every time you sat on your porcelain thrown whilst fingering your B&H catalog. Hard to believe she's arrived, the new (fill in your brand of choice) DSLR is really here. Never has a delivery person looked so beautiful as on this day they proudly prance to your front door. Delicately, they embrace your package that proudly reads fragile. On this day, that brownly clad courier of cargo has a unique glow about them.

Feverishly, you greet the carrier at the door. Nearly giggling like a school girl, you thank them again and again as you shakily sign for this precious package. 

Sure, you remember that day as if it were yesterday. We all do.

live free :: life's new playbook

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Lemme ask you a question. . .

When you woke up this morning, what were the first thoughts that came to your groggy brain?

one technique to channel creativity :: napping

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The perception of today's post may vary drastically. Agree, disagree or indifferent, it's one of the reason's I like to write; to stir up some shit from time to time. And to educate of course but that goes without saying.

Without further ado. . . SLEEP.

a picture is worth 1003 words

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Ask and ye shall receive.

Maybe a new approach. After posting photos on the socials and watching trends, I'm experimenting by writing the blog based on those demos versus vice versa.

Today, there's more than meets the eye.

Without further ado...

baby photography :: the enemy of my enemy

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"Luck favors the prepared."

On this particular day, I was simply experimenting when I created the works herein today, works that drew more attention than I had expected.

simply beautiful headshots :: today's focus on heidi diskin/slightly askew of course

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Get it? The title? FOCUS ON? Funny? Catchy? I thought so anyhow. Eh. Moving on.

It's comical when some clients arrive to the studio for a headshot session and the quintessential scenario plays out...

7 minutes of pure nothingness :: a rant

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Sitting here, sipping on a hot cup of Earl Gray tea, staring at both bottles of Kodak lens cleaner and Counter Assault bear spray and listening to a playlist consisting of a plethora of artists varying from The Avett Brothers to The Black Angels, I wonder . . .

the duality of me :: lazy lighting with a most practical investment of 2016

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First, let me start off with a big Happy New Year.

I'm not a big believer in resolutions as I believe that you should be awesome everyday with no need to set a date to change your ways.

On the other hand, sometimes some people need a kick in the ass and today is a good a day as any to make a change if need be. Why procrastinate until this mystifying New Year's Day.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with today's post. . .

The Duality Of Me :: Lazy Lighting With A Most Practical Investment Of 2016.

What does it all mean?


Lazy lighting?

Practical investments?

Jeez, I could only imagine what a first time reader of this blog, words of literary genius, could be thinking this very moment. Or perhaps not thinking. Simply scratching their heads while staring at a can of CENTO crushed tomatoes.

Or maybe not. But those who frequent this blog may understand that today's post title, askew as it may be, is exactly the vibrations I like to put out into your brains.

Without further ado...