food photography :: no gear? no problem

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Hypothetical :: After many a sleepless night, worrying about your first professional food shoot for a locally renowned baker of all things sweet and yummy, the adrenaline fueled day has arrived.

First, you crank the coffee maker into overdrive. You ingest enough caffeine to launch a ten ton atomic rocket.

As your brain has dials in to full on focus mode, your hands begin to shake, rattle and roll.

A bit of balance comes after a nice, long, hot, refreshing shower.


Although it was only about 10 hours prior that you obsessively checked and rechecked all of your gear, it's time for one final push. . .

anatomy of a headshot :: with ellis walding

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On more than one occasion, I've posted about how to nail that money maker. The headshot that would make Peter Hurley take a double squinch.
Today, rather than simply show you the final shot, I'd like to take you on the journey of how a perfect headshot is achieved.

guest blogger :: jessica lynn burch :: nsfw

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Can you believe it's been almost two years since I've had the opportunity to work with the extremely talented Jessica Lynn Burch. Not only is she one hell of writer, attacking the keyboard with unbridled talent, she is also one hell of a model to have in my Fishtown, Philly based studio and dwelling.

If you haven't read about our past adventures in front of a camera, or have no clue of what it is I'm talking about, be sure to check out [PART ONE] and [PART TWO], where I document the experience behind the beautiful nudes and [PART THREE], where we take a look at what goes on in the mind of the nude model, in front of my lens.

Today, we are hitting a round two (or four, depending on your point of view). YES, about 20 months later, Jessica Lynn Burch was once again, in front of the Nikkor glass and she's here to share her take on the entire experience.

Now, relax, grab a nice triple d'abbaye and enjoy the works Jessica and I have created for you today.

Without further ado...

environmental portraiture with ardmore junction's brian gallagher

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There's a strange energy that accumulates at an exponential rate when creatives converge in a room together. Magical really.

That's what happened at my most recent shoot with brilliant minded actor and filmmaker, Brian Gallagher. A magic that had my heart pumping at an alarming rate. Or, I just drank too much coffee.

photographic success :: run the marathon, not the sprint

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Recently, I saw a comical Facebook posting, starring SpongeBob SquarePants ::

"You call yourself a photographer just because you own a DSLR? I own a pen. I'm an author."

food photography :: african peanut soup

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The days of eating your mom's chicken soup are, simply put, dead, defunct, donesky. We are now living in a time where food is taken to new and exciting plateaus, until the next culinary creative decides to take to new heights. Gastro pubs, corner cafes and even the local dives, are all stepping up their games, as they should because everyone of them is vulnerable as the next brilliant culinary mind could be opening shop just around the corner.

I love to explore the fantastic comestible creations, not only with my belly, but with my lights (and a camera of course).

let it snow!

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[NOTE :: If you are in need of environmental or other photographic works, email or text/call 267.481.4424
Thank you
-Michael Anthony Murphy]

Here on the east coast of the United States, I'd say most people, at this point of the winter, are absolutely sick and tired of, what seems to be, an endless string of snowstorms. Atlanta and Pennsylvania suffered record breaking interstate pileups. Suburban city dwellers have endured downed trees and power outages all while trying to survive below freezing temperatures.

You know what? I say let it snow!