7 minutes of pure nothingness :: a rant

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Sitting here, sipping on a hot cup of Earl Gray tea, staring at both bottles of Kodak lens cleaner and Counter Assault bear spray and listening to a playlist consisting of a plethora of artists varying from The Avett Brothers to The Black Angels, I wonder . . .

the duality of me :: lazy lighting with a most practical investment of 2016

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First, let me start off with a big Happy New Year.

I'm not a big believer in resolutions as I believe that you should be awesome everyday with no need to set a date to change your ways.

On the other hand, sometimes some people need a kick in the ass and today is a good a day as any to make a change if need be. Why procrastinate until this mystifying New Year's Day.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with today's post. . .

The Duality Of Me :: Lazy Lighting With A Most Practical Investment Of 2016.

What does it all mean?


Lazy lighting?

Practical investments?

Jeez, I could only imagine what a first time reader of this blog, words of literary genius, could be thinking this very moment. Or perhaps not thinking. Simply scratching their heads while staring at a can of CENTO crushed tomatoes.

Or maybe not. But those who frequent this blog may understand that today's post title, askew as it may be, is exactly the vibrations I like to put out into your brains.

Without further ado...

how to take awesome photos of your christmas tree

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Do your Christmas tree photos suck?

If you answered an annoyed and pissed off yes, then read on how to up your holiday street cred from now on . . .

gear matters :: yongnuo yn568ex

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You don't see gear reviews on this blog too often. They gotta be special. And there's good reason for this. . .

thanksgiving leftovers part five :: oops

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I fucked up.

Although the Thanksgiving leftovers didn't begin as a food photography tutorial, over the last two holidays, it was just that. More importantly, I was building legitimate leftover sandwiches filled with dried out turkey, lumpy potatoes and other Thanksgiving accoutrements.

Guess what homeys and homettes? One of two variables caused the lack of tryptophan treats herein today.

1. I didn't take home enough leftovers.

2. My fat ass ate the savory sack of scrumptiousness rather too swiftly.

[New around here? I can be a real nerd, hence the forced alteration.]

So what happened? Why, on this fifth Thanksgiving Leftover post, is there not a sloppy sanwhich lying before your eyes?

After careful evaluation I came to the conclusion that I fell victim to both variables.


to generalize or specialize :: the photographer's quandary

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You've beaten the odds and earned your way into a life as an artist. You now introduce yourself as, "Hello, my name is, (fill in name), and I'm a photographer."

wedding photography :: WTF :: say it ain't so michael !!! OH, it be so.

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Wedding photography has always been sort of a rite of passage into the world of pro shooting. You cut your teeth out of school, capturing countless couples convey their covenants.

As many of you may or may not know, I've never really been the conforming type.

As shan't you.

rant :: stop being so average !!!

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It's been a while since I wrote a please-bend-over-so-that-I-may-kick-you-in-the-ass article. You know, the stuff that lights that fire under your buttocks. Motivation. Inspiration.

Today, we will discuss your being . . . . . average. 

5 year anniversary post!!! :: an some talks about this thing called knolling photography

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Well belated anyway. The official 5 year anniversary of this blog is, or was, July 15th. Seriously though, how many of you fuckers really read my posts the day they are published and launched?

So I'm 3 days late. Deal with it! How late are you arriving to this earth shattering article?

Without further ado. . .

newborn baby photography :: a photo shoot with H™ at valley forge

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First things first. I have decided to extend the date of the recent name that blog styled post from a few weeks ago.

On with the show...

#H™, properly known as, Harper Thomas Murphy, my daughter, alongside Princess Charlotte Elizabeth  Diana, was anticipated to be the most photographed baby . . . EVER. . .