DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 3, Sharing )

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This morning, as per usual, I took my daughter Harper to playgroup. About an hour in and after one toddler pissed me off and after one mother's same ole bullshit story helped my eyes glaze over and after I finally found my way to a comfy chair to enjoy my first coffee of the day, I stood up and really, really paid attention to the children's social interactions. And then it hit me like a ton of existentialistic bricks.

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 2, Food Faux Pas )

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Let's dig in . . .

Pun may or may have not been intended.

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 1, Introduction)

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So I've been tinkering around with this idea for some time now. Execution was the only obstacle. The fact that this blog is primarily concentrated on creativity along with lots of photography based tutorials, I felt starting an entirely new blog would've been the proper route for this new material. Then it hit home. Going through the nearing 300 posts herein, many of them break the photo/creativity "rule". Knowing the inner workings of my uniquely tangled gray matter, attempting to formally dichotomize the two will ultimately fail in a beautiful way.

Having said that, with proper tagging, you will easily be able to group these new works of art in and of themselves for your enlightenment. 

Here we go. . .

Can your socioeconomic status influence how much of a creative life you lead?

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Recently, I posted an article about the creative rut or funk or however you like to call those periods of real heavy UN-creativity.

By the end of the article it got me to thinking. Can our own personal AGI or GDP, or, to simplify my attempts at sounding complex, that bottom line on your paycheck on Friday, affect how artistic we are as individuals?

Causes and Cures for your inevitable Rut (AKA the Funk)

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You're an artist. Be it a photographer, filmmaker, painter, musician or, IDK, the fucking greatest blanket crocheter in Wichita, you and I have all found ourselves in a rut at one time or another, and another.

Like this opener photograph, truer imagery of how a rut makes us feel couldn't be, um, well, truer.

Join with me today to learn how to ward off this evil affliction. .

GOLDSMITH :: part ii

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Because on a daily basis, I lug around this big bowl of neuroses sprinkled with fair amounts of narcissism, I'd be willing to say that those among others may be contributing variables that would have the Pulitzer board members wrenching in their seats had they read the recent article, [GOLDSMITH :: part i].

Dot Dot Dot

GOLDSMITH :: part i

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On the old social networks, everyone's a philosopher these days. Or at least those are the posts that Zuck's think tank believes should be shown on my feeds. Rightfully so and rightfully profiled, because I too am guilty of reposting the inspirational words of everyone from Gandhi to Gary Vee. Apollonius to Tim Ferriss. 
Maybe Socrates didn't coin this one but some intrinsic factors are pushing me to share this oldie but goody . . . 
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." 
Having said that . . .

gear matters :: the (very vexing) variable ND filter

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No, this is not a seascape via Spiderman's first point perspective. First point per what? Yeah, for those of you who forgot your Adderall before class that morning, lemme simplify to your much more porn search terminology; Spiderman's POV. Yeah. Thought so. You all know POV I'm sure. Well, it's not. Spidey's POV that is.

I digress.

Today, we delve into some gear matters. Join along why don't ya. . .

Photographing NYC Cityscapes Without Sucking The Big Apple :: Part 3

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Nikon D5 :: Top of the Rock :: Rockefeller Center
Granted there's more than one photo in a post, choosing that opener is very important to a photographer and/or blogger.

So while you scratch your heads, let's turn this mutha out (I'm such a dork) . . .

[I have no idea why that first sentence indented in an old school way and I couldn't undo it without redoing the post. I'M BRINGING THE INDENT BACK PEOPLE, TO AWESOMENESS!]

Photographing NYC Cityscapes Without Sucking The Big Apple :: Part 2

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Bringing today, to you, a way outta the box, particularly from [Part 1], er um, a special Part 2 of this 3 or even 4 part series helping you to create an New York City landscape that you give more hashtags to than your grandmother has skin tags. . .

Photographing NYC Cityscapes Without Sucking The Big Apple :: Part 1

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You would think shooting the New York City skyline is like shooting fish in a barrel, right? It's the most magical and mystifying city on the planet, right?

Well I got news for ya kid . . .