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[First things first. Yes, that is the desk in my studio and yes it's a messy space. A, You're seeing it on a good day and B, you are aware of the commonality that some of the worlds greatest minds also produced their works in similar capacities, aren't you?]

With that out of the way . . .

Vision :: GOLDSMITH and our collateral works with the "All Weekend" debut [Shoot/Location/Look 1.1.1]

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Pop quiz hotshot. . .

For this subconsciously AndyWarhol inspired quadriptych, how do you hypothesize these four different lighting scenarios were achieved without setting, resetting, programming, reprogramming or touching anything, for that matter, besides the shutter release?

You didn't think I'd drop that bomb this early in the article did you? Story arcs people. Only in Memento could the end be told in the beginning of the story. I mean following rules has never been my forte but when writing, I prefer to take you along with me on these cerebral expeditions.

However, as for the prologue, the Goldsmith intro, for the sake of the troopers who have read part 1.1.0, and for the sake of my already waning sanity, let's present today's artist and model as deftly as I know how.

So, without further ado . . .

Technique :: GOLDSMITH and our collateral works with the "All Weekend" debut [Shoot/Location/Look 1.1.0]

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That's one mouthful of a title isn't it?

It's been a while since we chopped up pure photographic approach, primarily lighting scenarios sprinkled with some other nerdilicousness.

So without further ado . . .

Camp Hustle :: ELUCIDATED

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I've been staring, typing, deleting and more staring at this monitor, trying to think of a way to introduce this article without feeling like a total dolt.
While it seems logical that the one with the hardest hustle will be crowned king of success, just how bona fide is this seemingly new paradigm.

7 Year Anniversary Post :: FIRE

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Fire. Not in the Beavis and Butthead type of reference but the word kids on the street are dropping like yesterday's viral sensation. . .

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 3, Sharing )

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This morning, as per usual, I took my daughter Harper to playgroup. About an hour in and after one toddler pissed me off and after one mother's same ole bullshit story helped my eyes glaze over and after I finally found my way to a comfy chair to enjoy my first coffee of the day, I stood up and really, really paid attention to the children's social interactions. And then it hit me like a ton of existentialistic bricks.

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 2, Food Faux Pas )

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Let's dig in . . .

Pun may or may have not been intended.

DADAPRENEUR :: Observations, Opinions, Objections and Obsessions of (Vol. 1, Introduction)

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So I've been tinkering around with this idea for some time now. Execution was the only obstacle. The fact that this blog is primarily concentrated on creativity along with lots of photography based tutorials, I felt starting an entirely new blog would've been the proper route for this new material. Then it hit home. Going through the nearing 300 posts herein, many of them break the photo/creativity "rule". Knowing the inner workings of my uniquely tangled gray matter, attempting to formally dichotomize the two will ultimately fail in a beautiful way.

Having said that, with proper tagging, you will easily be able to group these new works of art in and of themselves for your enlightenment. 

Here we go. . .

Can your socioeconomic status influence how much of a creative life you lead?

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Recently, I posted an article about the creative rut or funk or however you like to call those periods of real heavy UN-creativity.

By the end of the article it got me to thinking. Can our own personal AGI or GDP, or, to simplify my attempts at sounding complex, that bottom line on your paycheck on Friday, affect how artistic we are as individuals?